Circular footpath

After leaving the lighthouse enclosure, keep to the left towards Tizzano. At the junction, again keep to the left towards Senetosa tower and follow the rising footpath to reach the foot of the tower in 20 minutes. Go through the ruins of the sheepfolds and follow the footpath to a depression (often holding water in winter and spring).
Go around it on the right in the direction of the Conca circular footpath. The winding footpath climbs to the summit of Mont Lori and follows the ridge to reach a magnificent two-room oriu in Partusi. The oriu is a typical troglodyte construction of Corsica: dry-stone walls close off a surprising a geological formation, the Taffonu, a rock hollowed out by mechanical erosion. The footpath then reaches the restored sheepfold of Conca.
Follow the direction for Conca to reach a former sheepfold that has been restored, leave the sheepfold to the right and follow the footpath that continuous toward Cala di Conca and pass by a former wheat threshing floor. Once you arrive at Cala di Conca, go to the end of the beach and keep left to return to the coastal footpath towards Senetosa.

The footpath approaches the ruins of Casa d’Ana, whose outbuildings were probably used to store grain and flour. You can make out the remains of a wood oven and shallow steps. Agricultural produce was probably shipped out on boats that anchored below in Cala di Conca.
Continue along the coastal footpath towards Senetosa lighthouse, then cross the field of immortelles to reach Senetosa point. Pass by the enclosure and follow the footpath on the left to reach the entrance to the lighthouse.

Practical information

It is recommended to spend one or two nights at the refuge to discover these circular footpaths. For those who do not want to stop at the refuge, add the time required for the coastal footpath depending on the chosen starting point.
Fanali di Senetosa refuge is open every day from April to October, information on 06 27 77 48 89 or on the Facebook page (Senetosa lighthouse refuge), online booking at
Beverages sold at the refuge.

On the Campomoro side: Arriving by the D 121, you can park at Campomoro harbour. Access beyond this point is for residents only. Once you have parked, walk through the Calanova estate to reach ‘Bassa Torra’, the beginning of the footpath. Allow 20 minutes to reach Bassa Torra on foot from the centre of the village.

Variant: You can go up to Campomoro tower before returning to the coastal footpath via Cala Genovese, then add 40 minutes to include a visit to the tower.
Entrance fee to the tower enclosure: € 2.50

Arrive early in the morning to find available parking in the village.

On the Tizzano side: From Sartène, follow the direction for Bonifacio and then Bocca Albitrina hamlet (2 km). Continue on the right for Tizzano (D48). The track is private and is not maintained every year.
Parking area at the end of the track