Syndicat Elisa


For 25 years, these natural sites have been the subject of an active policy of preservation and development by the Conservatoire du Littoral, the municipalities and their partners:

  • Inventories of the natural (land and marine) and cultural heritage;
  • Rehabilitation of Campomoro and Senetosa towers;
  • Rehabilitation and development of small architectural heritage;
  • Opening, development and maintenance of 60 km of hiking and equestrian footpaths;
  • Installation of signage;
  • Campomoro tower interpretation;
  • Resorption of wilderness camping on the sites;
  • Protection of the Roccapina and Cala Barbaria dunes;
  • Rehabilitation of Senetosa lighthouse and the creation of the refuge;
  • Creation of parking areas;
  • Publication of pamphlets and books…

Elisa is an inter-municipal syndicate that groups the municipalities of Belvédère Campomoro, Grossa and Sartène. The syndicate’s deliberative body is composed of six delegates (two per municipality) who elect a president and two vice-presidents.
The syndicate is supported by a permanent team consisting of an administrative officer and five keepers who implement, throughout the year, management missions on the Campomoro Senetosa, Cala Barbaria and Zivia sites. The Community of Corsica and the Office of the Environment of Corsica provide Elisa with financial support.

The municipalities of Belvédère Campomoro, Grossa and Sartène have, from the beginning, supported the many acquisitions of the Conservatoire du Littoral in the Sartène area. Syndicat Elisa demonstrates the commitment of these three municipalities to be involved in the protection and management of these natural areas.