circular footpath

Start from Bassa Torra, at the sign at the entrance to the site take the direction towards Conca on the left, follow the coastal path across the meadows and the myrtle and juniper groves.
Cross the tall and shaded scrubland, cross the wooden footbridge and leave the imposing rocky outcrop to your right. At the junction, follow the direction for I Pozzi on the left, following the footpath that rises gently and winds through the junipers.
Go past the fountain, go around the threshing floor and take the return path for Campomoro following the gradient.
Return to Bassa Torra, on leaving the clearing, pass in front of the site sign to follow the footpath.

Practical information

Arriving by the D 121, you can park at Campomoro harbour. Access beyond this point is for residents only. Once you have parked, walk through the Calanova estate to reach ‘Bassa Torra’, the beginning of the footpath. Allow 20 minutes to reach Bassa Torra on foot from the centre of the village.
Variant: You can go up to Campomoro tower before returning to the coastal footpath via Cala Genovese, then add 40 minutes to include a visit of the tower.
Entrance fee to the tower enclosure: €2.50
Arrive early in the morning to find available parking in the village